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Fly Facility

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Microinjection Service

Our microinjection service is available to fly researchers throughout the EU. We can inject flies for P-element transformation, phiC31 transgenesis, CRISPR genome engineering and other experiments. We also provide screening and balancing services.

More about microinjection

Fly-Pushing Services

Our fly-pushing services are primarily aimed at UK fly researchers, but we are happy to consider requests from further afield. If your research ambitions exceed the current capacity of your lab, contact the Fly Facility to see if we can help.

More about our project work

MicroVillex Service

Expression and purification of functional membrane proteins in the Drosophila eye. A service provided by the University of Cambridge, Department of Biochemistry.

More about the MicroVillex Service

Drosophila Stock-Keeping Service

Our Drosophila stock-keeping service is available to UK fly researchers. We will maintain your Drosophila stock collection and will ship your stocks to any location worldwide.

More about stock-keeping

Fly Food Service

The Fly Facility can provide Cambridge fly groups with many types of fly food in a variety of containers. Fly food ordered before midday will normally be available in the afternoon of the following weekday.

More about fly food

Working in the Fly Facility

Drosophila researchers based in, or visiting, Cambridge are welcome to work in the Department of Genetics Fly Facility.

More on working in the Fly Facility

Fly Research in Genetics

The Department of Genetics has a strong history of Drosophila research which has continued to the present day.

More on fly research

Our staff

Our staff have many years experience in Drosophila culture and genetics and can help you optimize your fly work.

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Contact Information

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