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Fly Facility

Department of Genetics

MicroVillex Service (Weyand lab, Department of Biochemistry)

mv-eyeThe Fly Facility collaborates with Dr. Simone Weyand's lab in the Biochemistry Department at the University of Cambridge and is an integral part of their MicroVillex service. The MicroVillex service uses the Drosophila eye to express and purify functional membrane proteins. The system has been derived from Prof. Roger Hardie’s work and has been optimised over 12 years to facilitate large-scale production of membrane proteins. It is particularly applicable to membrane proteins that cannot be expressed in sufficient quantity, or are not functional, when using conventional preparation protocols. Numerous different membrane proteins of interest to researchers around the globe have already been investigated using this approach. The Microvillex service is open to all membrane protein researchers, please email for more details.

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