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Fly Facility

Department of Genetics

Fly Research in the Department of Genetics

The Department of Genetics has a strong history of Drosophila research which has continued to the present day. Below are the Drosophila researchers who are part of our department.



David Glover

Regulation of Mitosis and Meiosis

Departmental website

Cancer Research website


Frank Jiggins

Host-Parasite Evolution and Genetics

Departmental website

Jiggins Lab website


Felipe Karam Teixeira

Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Germline Stem Cell Biology

Departmental website

Karam Teixeira Lab website


Yuu Kimata

Cell Cycle in Development and Differentiation

Departmental website


Hansong Ma

The genetics of Drosophila mitochondrial DNA and its influence on evolution and disease

Departmental website

Ma Lab website


Cahir O'Kane

Drosophila Neural Cell Biology

Departmental website

Cambridge Neuroscience website


Steve Russell

Drosophila Genomics

Departmental website

FlyChip website

Drosdel website

Daniel St Johnston

Daniel St Johnston

Cell Polarity, the Cytoskeleton and mRNA Localisation

Departmental website

Gurdon Institute website

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